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The Hell Are My Legs 15 The Hell Are My Legs 15

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I am so confuzzled

After watching this movie, I noticed that it is the fifthteenth in series. So, I watched numbers 10-14 after this one. They're practically all the same, poor animation and not the slightest bit funny in my opinion. I mean I didn't even let out a chuckle, smirk, smile, snap, crackle or pop. 2'd


Tramptech responds:

Then perhaps you are dead, Sir. Or a moron.

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Matrixoid Matrixoid

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Fun puzzle game!

I've always thought the plural of matrix was matrices, but I'm prolly wrong.
Anyways, this is a fun and addicting game and there is a lot of detail into everything you look at.

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Blasting Agent Blasting Agent

Rated 4 / 5 stars

@%#$ing LAVA!

First, I am pretty sure the gold items you're picking up is blasting powder, but they look kinda like golden turds. :D Anyways....

Overall, this game is pretty okay. The music is catchy and it fits the theme of the game quite well, and the boss fights were okay. Controls were right on target with the exception of not putting a fire/jump button on the right half of the keyboard. What I mean is this: If you're using "Wasd", your right hand has to be at the left half of the keyboard as well causing minor discomfort for me. I mean arrows+ xc work just fine but you should try and include another place for them. Problably most people won't agree with me on this one because it is so minor and doesn't take away from the game at all, but w/e.

Another problem that I see in this game is the power-ups, the green ones in particular. They seem to make your gun twice as strong as it was and that seems a lil bit overpowered when it comes to the bosses. Granted, I have yet to play hard mode and this could be resolved in there, but it just seems like a disappointment when I can kill the worm/snake thing on his third dive out, with no challenge.

The biggest problem I have in this game is the frustration factor when it comes to those spike/lava parts. The thing is, there is no "fade time" and what I mean by that is that there is not a point where your invulnerable for a short amount of time to get yourself straightened out. Its like once you go into the lava you're pretty much screwed. Dead. Room restart.

The "jump on top of enemies" attack didn't work as I expected it to. Most of the time it hurt me more then helped me and the places that really required it were few and far between. Maybe this would be more helpful if there was a "fade time", but I really can't say. But then again, you have a GUN, why waste your time stomping enemies when you can shoot them?

I really enjoyed the variety of enemies, although the melee ones seemed too easy unless you're on different heights or something like that. The enemy that really annoyed me was the robot guy who used spread shots. I always seemed to take at least one hit from him. Also, sometimes I would walk into a room and some of them or sorta stuck inside the wall partially and they don't fight back.

Well anyways I enjoyed this game, and I'll come back in a bit for hardmode to try n beat that. 4'd


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Infectonator : Christmas Infectonator : Christmas

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Fun for the whole family!

First, I just want to say that the music is a really nice treat. Those guys at Custom Audio Composers got their shit down. I especially enjoyed how the music turned dark as soon as you place the virus. So yeah, props to you guys.

I really enjoyed playing the first Infectonator when it came out and this game is an improvement, everything that made the first good and more. From what I tell you doubled the amount of levels, upped the prices on everything to compensate for the increase in levels, added an extra ability to purchase from the store, and made everything christmas themed. The extra levels change makes a significant difference when playing this game and therefore doubles your awesome points.

I really only have one small problem with this game, and that is the way we are supposed to pick up the money the people drop when they die. It is a a pain trying to get everything and sometimes the level ends before you can get it all. In early levels this is not a problem even with level 0 magnet since the camera is so close to the ground and therefore the coins are larger. But in the later levels, with the camera way up high, it starts to become difficult. If you don't have max magnet, then it is impossible to get everything. I understand that the interactivity is needed in the level so it doesn't become boring to play, but it feels like im being cheated out of the money, thats all.

Well anyways, I am going to play through this a few times to get a highscore(my best is 1.7 mil so far). 5'd


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Revenge of the Gods Revenge of the Gods

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


*blown away*

DanJohansen responds:

Yeah it's kinda windy outside today XD

Last Breath ??? Last Breath ???

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I lub it

It would probably sound great inside of a movie.